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Workout Plan

Do It Anywhere Workout Routines


Being so crazy busy during the whole day, we hardly get time to workout. Wouldn’t it be better if we could find some do-it-anywhere workout

green tea

3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast


Putting off some weight can really be annoying especially when you are trying so hard. We all want results immediately but when it comes to

Disease & Treatment

Frozen shoulder pain solution

Frozen shoulder: Symptoms, Causes, and Pain Solutions


If you are over 40, it’s quite likely you or somebody you know have suffered from a frozen shoulder. Well, according to a survey, more


Habits That Are Aging You

Reverse Aging:13 Everyday Habits To Avoid To Look Younger


They say Age is just a number which is totally irrelevant unless, you happen to be a bottle of wine. But yes, of course, humans

beauty hacks for working women

Beauty Hacks For Working Women


I’m late again!! Shouting while looking at the clock? I know nothing’s more frustrating than waking up late and having no time to get ready