10 Ways To Save Money This Festive Season

ways to save money this festive season

The festive season is almost upon us. We all wait for the festive season passionately as it is the time for holidays and homecomings. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year – the twinkling lights, endless parties, and a huge get-to-gather are enough to make you happy and lively for months.

Unfortunately, our wallets not always play along. The festive season often puts us in a shopping mood which causes us to spend more. And buying gifts for the people you love becomes stressful instead of thrilling. However, there are certain things you can do to prevent yourself from spending more.

Here is a list of 10 ways that will help you save money this festive season without skimping on presents for your loved ones:

1. Make a budget

ways to save money this festive season

The first step is to create a limit so that you know when to stop. You should assign certain amounts of money to everything that you are planning to spend on. For example $100 for the family gifts, $50 for an amusement park, etc. Do not set too little for everything, because that would also lead to frustration. Assign a genuine amount that is neither too little nor too much.

2. Create a list

ways to save money this festive season

You must create a list that describes everything which you need to buy this season. Make sure, you are checking it side by side. It will prevent you from buying the extra stuff and also you will not miss any of the essentials to be bought. When the list ends, you must end your shopping as well.

3. Buy clothes and electronics overseas

ways to save money this festive season

The merchandise and electronics are cheaper overseas so you can save a lot with the help of online shopping. Online shopping can let you shop your attire for the festivals. Also, you can also buy cool gifts from the online stores for your loved ones.

4. Make your Gifts

ways to save money this festive season

The gifts eat up a major portion of your budget. You need to be careful with every gift you choose. You can break down your list of gift takers on the basis of age and gender. It will help in getting gifts that are specific to them. Do your research properly and then decide the gifts. You can also give the self-created gifts to save the cost. This will also add a personal touch to your gift. Hand-crafted cards, knitted sweaters or anything that has a memory associated with it will be a better gift rather than a show piece which can be easily forgotten with time.

5. Potluck is fun

ways to save money this festive season

Instead of organizing the whole ravishing dinner at your place, go for a potluck. It does not only save money but it is too much fun. Everybody gets to bring their favorite dish. A common place is chosen where everybody with their dish joins and then eats together. It can turn out in a multi-cuisine party too.

6. Leverage Sales and store offers

ways to save money this festive season

The festive season is the sales season. You can save a lot of money by grabbing the sales offer provided by different business providers. But that does not mean you have to buy everything that is for sale. No matter how much discount the product is at, it should be in your budget for you to buy it.

7. Coupons for beneficial deals

ways to save money this festive season

You can buy the deal coupons to avail offers for different services. There are many websites that sell coupons for a plethora of services.

8. Alternate and cheaper Holiday traditions

It is not mandatory to follow all the money eating traditions. If you cannot afford the expensive celebrations, keep it simple. You can simply plan a get together at your home and plan to watch a movie. You do not need to follow the beaten path to prove your traditional values.

9. Do not throw the leftovers

ways to save money this festive season

You can use the leftovers for the next meal. It will save both your time and money which you can spend on your family and dear ones.

10. Pay Cash instead of plastic money

ways to save money this festive season

Researchers show that people tend to spend more when you pay through plastic cards. This time prefer to pay cash and save more.

If you go by all the above ways, you can surely save a lot of money this festive season. If not save, you surely will be prevented from over spending. You have your own priorities but make sure you do not overdo anything which makes you regret later on. After all, the festive season is to make memories and not regrets.

Happy holidays!

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