Reverse Aging:13 Everyday Habits To Avoid To Look Younger

Habits That Are Aging You

They say Age is just a number which is totally irrelevant unless, you happen to be a bottle of wine. But yes, of course, humans are not bottles of wine. They grow and they age. But aging is something that perhaps nobody likes. Who would want to have wrinkles on their face? Who would want grey hair? Of course, no one! But that’s the law of nature. You can’t help getting older but it doesn’t mean it should reflect on your face and body. There are certain everyday habits that are aging you.

There is one mantra for those who ask HOW TO STAY YOUNG?Which is “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”!

Our body has an effective communication system that we often fail to understand and hence our health suffers. Most importantly, our everyday habits affect our health which is why we need to have a check on them.

Habits That Are Aging You

Here is the list of the most common everyday habits that are aging you:

1. Multi-tasking

Habits That Are Aging You

The busy lifestyle that we have become habitual of is eating up our mental peace and health. With less time in hand and too many tasks to do, people tend to do multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is one of the main reasons for your early aging. Doctors reveal that concentrating on one task at a time does not only affect the quality of the work but also an individual’s health.

2. Sweet-tooth

Habits That Are Aging You

 The sugar was never good for you and can never be. Desserts not only add those extra kilos but also make you lethargic. They are also responsible for your uneven skin, wrinkles and those horrifying dark circles. If you crave for sugary food, go for natural sugar fruits instead. But that is only if you want to stay young forever.

3. Inadequate Sleep

Habits That Are Aging You

It was okay if you skipped a few hours of sleep in your teenage because of the late night study sessions or rather more interesting issues but that is not the case with your growing age. Skipping or trimming your sleeping hours can reflect directly on your face. Make a note of your sleeping hours and be sure it is not less than 7 hours. That being said, over sleeping is also one of the reasons of early aging. Besides the sleeping hours, you need to have a sound sleep which has a much greater impact on your whole body making you feel and look young.

4. Couch Potato

Habits That Are Aging You

 While you are engrossed in your favorite TV show or a match, you do not keep an eye on your calorie intake and end up consuming a whole lot than required. Even if you want to watch TV, have time limits or just make it a point to get up and drink a glass of water in every commercial break that comes up.

5. Sitting too much

Habits That Are Aging You

Be it your work or your home, you should not sit for the entire day. When you sit, your body starts depositing sugar in your cells. If you have a sitting job, you should stroll after every 30 minutes. Sitting too much has a direct effect on your joints too. Therefore, you must change your posture every 30 minutes in order to be healthy and young.

6. No eye cream

Habits That Are Aging You

Now is the time that you cannot ignore the eye cream anymore. The eye skin is much thinner than the other skin areas which mean it needs special care. Eye creams contain Vitamin A which tightens your skin around eyes and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

7. No Sunscreen

Habits That Are Aging You

Thinking that Sunscreen is only a must-have on your vacations is wrong. It is a daily beauty essential which protects your skin from the direct harmful rays of sun. The direct exposure to Ultraviolet rays is the main cause of your premature aging.

8. Too much Make-up

Habits That Are Aging You

The make-up should be applied occasionally as your skin is adversely affected by the chemicals and needs time to restore to its natural way. Use cleansing milk and moisturizer to pamper your skin after taking off the harsh chemical stuff off your face.

9. Lack of Exercise

Habits That Are Aging You

Lack of physical activity leads to your unhealthy body structure. It may reflect in the form of obesity or lethargy. A 30 minutes work-out can help you in anti-aging. It is a must to keep your stamina in order to remain young outside and at heart.

10. Too much dryness inside homes

Habits That Are Aging You

In winters, we keep the fireplaces burning all the time and the blowers keep the atmosphere too dry. It has a direct impact on our skins which takes the natural moisture away from our skin. Also the hair becomes static and vulnerable to damage.

11. The Diet-Food

Habits That Are Aging You

The diet conscious people tend to cut out fat completely from their diet. There are certain fats which are necessary for our body. For instance, Omega 3 is a fatty acid found in oily fish which helps in getting rid of wrinkles and helps your skin glow. If you are a vegetarian then you can go for the flax seeds which are undoubtedly a rich source of Omega 3.

12. Sipping through the Straw

Habits That Are Aging You

You might find it irrelevant but sipping your drinks through the straw is also a cause of your early aging. This leads to formation of lines around your lips, eventually making you look older. Smoking is again a similar process that forms lines around the lips.

13. No meditation

Habits That Are Aging You

Meditation is the answer to all your problems. Take some time from your busy schedule for your body because this would be an investment. Ancient yogis have been saying this since ages that a stress-free mind is necessary to look good on the outside as well as on the inside. Every little effort is futile if your mind lacks inner peace.

The above tips for looking young, if followed correctly will make you fall in love with yourself. It’s high time you change habits that are aging you and stay young forever. You need to feel good first to enjoy all other pleasures.

Happy Youth AGAIN!

Nirdosh Kataria
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