Cure a Hangover: 15 Best foods to try and Worst Foods to avoid

Best foods to try and Worst Foods to avoid in hangover

Alcohol is the party rocker of all the celebrations. While you enjoy the evening getting high, you usually end up regretting it the next morning. And there is nothing worse than a hangover. That feeling of severe headaches and constant dizziness usually almost makes you quit alcohol, though this resolution doesn’t last longer than a day or two.

best foods to cure a hangover

No one would support excessive drinking but there are times when most of us get carried away. If you slightly go overboard of an evening, there is no need to give up the next day.

best foods to cure a hangover

Here is the list of 15 best and worst foods which can help you cure your hangover:

 1. Rehydration drinks

best foods to cure a hangover

Drinking water can help but with the hangover hitting your head hard, you need something more than water so that your body can be rehydrated in lesser time. You can drink coconut water, a sports drink or any other rehydration drink available in the market. If not, you can make your own by mixing equal amounts of sugar and salt with one lemon squeezed in a glass of water.

2. Avocado is your superhero

best foods to cure a hangover

Avocado is the best food to cure the last night hangover. It lets you overcome the weakness and dizziness by restoring the potassium and sodium level in your body.

3. Beans

best foods to cure a hangover

Too much alcohol imbalances the vitamin and mineral levels in your body. Beans are the best for your vitamin deficient body as it has enough Vitamin B to help you energize and also Vitamin D and Calcium to take care of your bone health. All you need is one cup of cooked beans and you are ready to rock your day out yet again.

4. Dried Apricots

best foods to cure a hangover

If you have a sweet tooth and are craving for sugary food, then dried apricots can help you fulfill the craving while restoring your body from a hangover. They have natural sugars which will not harm you in your hangover.

5. Salmon

best foods to cure a hangover

Salmon is yet another super food that will help you restore the amino acids back in your body. It will lighten up the body and helping you feel rejuvenated.

6. Broccoli

best foods to cure a hangover

Your stomach might not be in a position to digest anything fancy, so broccoli would help you because it has anti-inflammatory components which again help your upset stomach have a break.

7. Sweet Potatoes

best foods to cure a hangover

Being a good source of carbohydrates, Vitamin B, Potassium and dietary fiber,  sweet potatoes will let your energy boost up after certain time periods. They will help you resist your sugar craving too.

8. Tea can help you

best foods to cure a hangover

Rather than having the usual tea, try the ginger lemon tea and you can thank me later. Ginger consists of anti-inflammatory compounds which give you relief from nausea and Vitamin C in lemon refreshes you.

9. Eggs

best foods to cure a hangover

Yes, eggs prove to be the best breakfast even when you have a hangover. Make sure, you are consuming the yolk too because it has calcium, Vitamin D and acetylcholine which energizes the brain.

10. Green is always better

best foods to cure a hangover

Instead of the sour juices, go for a vegetable juice which will help to stabilize your body. You can go with celery or some green leafy vegetable to boost up your energy level.

11. Beat it with Beets

best foods to cure a hangover

Beets will help you get your stamina back with the fair amount of nitric oxide they contains. Your blood flow will be on track which eventually brings your blood pressure to normal measures.

Now when you know what to eat, let us see what not to take when you wake up with your banging head.

1. Say no to alcohol

best foods to cure a hangover

Many people assume that consuming more alcohol would get rid of the hangover but it is only going to make it worse. It is a BIG no to the HAIR OF THE DOG. All it is going to do is make you alcohol dependent and the more you try to escape from the hangover using the alcohol, the more you will get stuck.

2. No Aspirin or ibuprofen

best foods to cure a hangover

The painkillers for your headache might seem to be a cure but they will add on to the misery of your stomach.

3. Avoid juices that are acidic

best foods to cure a hangover

You would not want your stomach to burn out of acidity so, do not indulge into consumption of orange juice or any other acidic juice.

4. Fried food makes it worse

best foods to cure a hangover

Fried food would again add to your acidity level and you will end up with an irritated stomach, which I am pretty sure nobody would want.

Do not regret about the last night but be wary of your alcohol consumption. The famous proverb aptly fits here, “Excess of everything is bad”. Next time you get a hangover, make sure you follow the above to cure it.

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