7 Things You Should Do To Have A Healthy Period

healthy eating habits

Period, yes, your period, the most important part of a woman, is something which is seen like a pain or a problem these days. Many of us forget that period is something which plays a significant role in keeping our bodies healthy and fit. But most of us do not realize how important it is to deal with these cycles healthily.

healthy eating habits


The consequences of not dealing with our period healthily are pathetic. Now who would want to reach such a situation! To have a healthy period, all you got to do is know a few things and follow them:

Do Yoga

In order to have a good flow and painless period, you should do yoga regularly. There are many simple yoga poses that can be done on a regular basis to achieve a healthier body and menstrual cycle. Some basic postures of surya namaskar are very helpful. The first one is BHUJANGASANA (COBRA POSE), VAJRASANA (diamond pose) and DHANURASANA (bow pose). These poses are known to improve blood circulation, and consequently enhance the functionality of your reproductive organs. They help in reducing pain and you will not have to deal with cramps.

Have a Proper Diet, Eat Healthy Food

Adopting healthy eating habits is important not only to obtain healthy body but also to lead a healthy life. Half of the problems like excessive pain and irregular periods arise due to unhealthy eating habits. When your period is approaching, reduce consumption of spicy and salty food. It helps in reducing pain during periods. But during the period, try and consume less salty and sugary food, and take fruits like bananas.

Engage In Physical Activity

Replace pain-killers with physical activities, for example stretching. It helps in reducing pressure around the lower parts of your body. Check some simple yet effective exercises here.

Dealing With Cramps

Cramps refer to the pain you undergo during or before periods. This pain usually occurs in lower back, abdomen and legs. The main causes of this pain are consumption of meat and dairy products and smoking. Smoking tends to stop the production of eggs in ovaries which is also a major reason of irregular periods.

Say Goodbye To Period Pain During Colder Months

During the colder months, periods tend to become longer and more painful. In order to deal with this pain, you can place a hot water bottle on your abdomen to ease the flow of blood, without causing much pain.

Reducing Moods Swings

A number of women deal with the problem of mood swings during periods. They are known as PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome). Serious mood alterations before, during and after the period are the symptoms. In order to deal with them, consumption of healthy food is important. Chickpeas, soya yogurt, milk, brown rice, lentils and other beans are important to maintain healthy eating habits. You can also check some other vegetarian sources of protein here. They help with hormonal imbalance. Vervian tea is an anti-anxiety serum which helps control mood swings during PMS.

Change Your Lifestyle

The most important of all is our lifestyle. These days, technological advancements have induced laziness and indifference in the attitude of our teenagers towards their health. As a result, young girls, who have not reached their teens, get irregular periods. Physical activities like workout, outdoor games, yoga are completely ignored. This is not just about physical activities; it is also about our diet, our eating habits. Reliability on fast food is one big reason of disturbed and irregular period.

These were basic problems a woman deals with during her period. So if you are one of those women who deal with any of the above, you can follow these suggestions and have a healthy period. Don’t let your periods overpower you!

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