8 Compelling Reasons For Drinking More Water

water in the glass

Whether you want glowing skin, healthier body, or shinier hair, drinking pure clear water is the solution for everything. Water keeps our body hydrated, which is the key secret to healthy body. In addition, consuming right amount of water is important to keep all your organs working properly. Water has myriad health advantages.
Here is a list of health benefits of drinking water:Water

  • Maintain balance of bodily juices: The human body is made of 60% of water. These bodily juices play an important role in transporting nutrients to various organs, digest food, and control body temperature.
  • Reduce kidney stones with water: Kidney stones are result of salt and mineral formation in your urine. Drinking more water dilute such formations, thus reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  • Improve kidney function: kidney is an important organ of our body that processes daily 120 to 150 quarts of blood, absorbs minerals & nutrients and produces hormones & urine. Thereby, kidneys need sufficient water to take unnecessary things out from our body.
  • Say goodbye to muscle cramps and aching joints: From muscle cramps to aching joints to strains, everything can be cured with just water. These problems usually occur when you are dehydrated and so solve it with a big gulp.
  • Beat stress with water: Your brain consists of 85% of water and if you are dehydrated, you feel stressed and tired. Keeping water bottle along can help you drink water regularly, thus control your stress level.
  • Loss weight with water: There is a long list of benefits of drinking water for weight loss. It increases your metabolism, makes you feel fuller and helps you lose weight–especially if you consume icy cold water as your body burns few calories while warming up the water. If you’re trying to lose weight, drink more water!
  • Improve concentration: A study has shown that drinking enough water regularly improves concentration. Water encourages clearer thinking. When working on a task that needs concentration, keeping a water bottle along does not hurt!
  • Give your energy a push: Ah! We all need energy to keep going. But when you’re feeling low and drained, get picked up with a glass of water. Water improves blood circulation throughout your body and makes your heart work less, which in turn, help you feel energized.

Water is a powerful source for many problems. No matter what kind of a problem you are going through, just keep water with you and you’re sorted.

Nirdosh Kataria
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