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Because of difficult times in our life, we usually feel sad and a little depressed – which is absolutely normal. But if you find yourself stuck in a never ending loop of sadness and despair, you may be suffering from depression, which is sadly not normal. Depression is a serious mental illness which, if ignored, may lead to suicides. Today, 3 out of every 10 people are suffering from depression. It has become a very common illness because of the hectic and busy life we live. But it does not mean you can’t bounce back. Knowing exactly what to do when you are battling depression can help you get back to that happy life again.depression

Depression is not like any other disease that has a straightforward cure. For example, if you have infection, you take antibiotics. If you are suffering from diabetes, you consume insulin. It is more complex and cannot be treated with some medications. Understanding the exact cause of depression helps in finding better treatment. Every illness or sickness has some cause and, depression is no different. Something must have happened in the past or is happening that lead you to this problem.

Talk about it: Having depression does not mean it’s the end of the world. Asking for help or talking to someone close to you can turn out to be a huge help. If you or your loved one is suffering from this problem, it is better to be open about it. Just keep one thing in mind that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just a bad phase of your life, and if somebody is there to help you, you will be overcoming depression very soon.

Loneliness increases depression, so it is better to talk to others about your condition even if you don’t feel like sharing it with anybody. Support system not only makes you strong emotionally but also helps you recover fast.

Be optimistic! Having thoughts like “I’m useless,” “I can’t be happy,” ”I’ll screw everything up” won’t help at all. You will only end up on your couch sick rather than feeling better.

Wondering what you should be doing instead?

Try to do something which keeps your mind busy. Well, to a depressed person, doing something that keeps them busy is like knocking on hell’s door. But, you have to change your inner voice. Leave the past in the past and move on. Playing videogames, watching inspiring movies, spending some time with friends or reading a book can really help you avoid all the negative thoughts that pass by your mind.

Depression is like a battle between you and your mind. And you can only win this battle if you want to.

Quick tips for overcoming depression:BE HAPPY
  • Don’t ever isolate yourself
  • Find the cause of the depression and demolish it from the root
  • Talk to a friend or somebody close to you about your condition
  • Seek help from a professional if things are getting out of your hand
  • Don’t let negative thoughts pass by.

You are the owner of your thoughts and only you have the power to change them!

Nirdosh Kataria
Nirdosh Kataria is an experienced and passionate health blogger who believes in leading a healthy lifestyle and also promotes it among others. When not stuck in front of a keyboard, she can be found traveling and exploring.

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