Selfie Elbow is a Real Medical Condition That Needs Your Attention

selfie elbow

After iPad hand and text claw, a new, tech-driven condition is making the headline – Selfie elbow.

Your love for selfie can land you with a severe elbow pain as reported by It does sound ridiculous, but these tech-injuries are relatively new and causing a distress among tech-lovers and insisting them to visit their doctors now.

“Selfie elbow is a lot like golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow”, said Mary Ann Wilmarth, a doctor of physical therapy, “which often cause inflammation in the tendons.”

Selfie elbow first came to light when NBC award-winning journalist Hoda Kotb discovered a severe pain in her elbow. After consulting with her orthopedist, she found out the pain in the elbow was merely caused by taking tons of selfies. Hoda Kotb’s love for selfies is well-documented on her Instagram account where she never misses any opportunity to share selfies taken by her with her friends and family. But who knew her love for selfies would land her in this situation.

“Inflammation and pain from taking selfies occur not only because you are stretching your arm more than required but also trying to have a firm grip on your smartphone to get the perfect selfie – something that your body isn’t designed to do so often,” added by Mary Ann Wilmarth. “Selfie elbow problem isn’t new in the era of technology. We have seen such a problem with Blackberries where people were reported to have issues with their thumbs after using them.”

The problem with many new, tech-injuries is overuse of the technology, Wilmarth said. We really get into the technology and forget completely the way our bodies are designed to work.

We have been warned about the side-effects of technology for years by medical professionals and how badly they can hurt our bodies. These medical professionals have even raised some alarms about young people reporting tech-related severe injuries. Put simply, overuse of technology like smartphones and computers can put humans in an unnatural position which often result in serious problems, specifically if those hooked over keyboards and screen for a longer period of time and don’t stretch or exercise at all.

But does it mean you should stop taking selfies and abandon your love for selfies completely? No, nobody is saying you should stop taking selfies. All you have to do is limit your use of technology and instead of extending your arm and clicking a perfect selfie with your hand, use a selfie stick. But remember, a selfie stick may not help your selfie-elbow problem if you are still stretching your arm a lot to click pictures.

Fortunately, these tech-related conditions have easy treatments including rest, exercises, stretching and changing habits. But it does not mean you should take these problems lightly.

Nirdosh Kataria
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