Don’t Let A Desk Job Ruin Your Health

stay healthy at work

I empathize with those who are working a desk job. It’s a part of our life and we love it, but not those backaches, shoulder aches, neck pains, and of course, weight gain that come along with it. Sitting all day long is the worst thing for your health and well-being.stay healthy at work

From minor neck pain to major health problems that may slow down your performance at office or home, a desk job can be risky if you don’t take care of few things. Working a desk job taught me how important is it to follow your healthy regime properly.

Here are some healthy tips to stay healthy at work.

1. Replace coffee/tea with water

I know coffee becomes necessary for those sleepy hours in the office but believe me water can do wonders for you. Whether you are on some weight loss diet or just trying to hold yourself together at office, consuming water can help you in many ways. From body aches to dizziness, water keeps you active, and prepares you to sit for another hour.stay healthy at work

2. Eat healthy while working

Little snacks in between keep you in place. However, eating chips, fries, and sandwiches isn’t doing anything better for you. You probably are unaware of the fact that these snacks have Trans Fats in it which makes you dizzy and unhealthy. Give your body a break and consume something healthier like few almonds or any nuts, any fruit or salad. You can bring fruits or nuts in your lunch box and grab one when feeling bored or hungry. Yes, even when you’re bored, believe me they give your body a boost.stay healthy at work

3. Ditch lifts and elevators 

Desk job means sitting at one place in front of a system for the entire day. For this you need to activate your body muscles. What could be better than using staircase for putting your muscles at work? It also increases your stamina, and helps you stay active for many hours. Whether going for refreshment or getting important papers from your car, only use staircase.stay healthy at work

4. Get those lazy butts off the chair

Get up and stretch every once in a while. You’ll always have work. I guess that’s why you are there. But don’t make it an excuse to stay put in that chair all day long. Walk over to the washroom, hit a colleague’s desk, greet him and roam around a little. I am sure your colleague would be glad (if he’s not a badass!) to get a break from his work even if it’s for few seconds only.stay healthy at work

5. Desk exercises 

Yes, there are some simple and easy to perform desk exercises that you’ll treasure forever. Perform these simple exercises while sitting in the chair to stay healthy at work. Don’t worry we won’t embarrass you!stay healthy at work

Work is important for an individual to lead a life but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. A desk job doesn’t have to suck if you take care of yourself. Follow these aforementioned tips to improve concentration at work with performance graph increasing with the passage of everyday.

Nirdosh Kataria
Nirdosh Kataria is an experienced and passionate health blogger who believes in leading a healthy lifestyle and also promotes it among others. When not stuck in front of a keyboard, she can be found traveling and exploring.

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